Defeating the Pandemic While Reducing the Ageing Process Simultaneously



The issues on many people’s minds these days revolve primarily around defeating the pandemic, followed closely by busting the ageing process, creating radiant glowing health and oozing love-happiness in abundance. Aksbaje

And, strangely, the solution to these issues are found freely available –and have been for centuries — but deliberately suppressed by vested interests; their approach to such matters being, from outside-in rather than Nature’s way of inside-out. But even more startling is that ancient scriptures have been hailing this freely available miracle for countless centuries as in: ‘know the still small voice within’ while the immortal five thousand years old Bhagavad-Gita puts it: ch 2 vs 45 “Be without the three guans” (more on this later).

So, here we have the secret of disease-free health, abundant love, glowing happiness and age-less consciousness staring at us for axons.

But, sadly, merely reading these life-transformative scriptures is not sufficient in itself. In other words, to have direct experience of this Potent Elixir, in its purest form — as intended by the ancient sages – requires a level of practical personal involvement, as we shall see.

So, bear with me, if you will, as we develop the full import of these coded tenets which are revealing the age-less secret of how we may obtain miraculous health benefits in our own lives, at any age, now!

So, for example: switching off very loud music would leave us sitting in a silent room. Conversely, switching off from stressful thoughts or compulsive ‘thinking about’, would leave us silent in mind.

The difference is: there are two silences existing simultaneously but which are not one and the same in nature. One is ‘absolute or pure transcendental silence’, the other, ‘relative silence’ experienced through the absence of outer sounds: one silence is absence of inner noise, the other, absence of outer noise, or, one silence is transcendental (health/non-ageing of cellular body) the other, ‘of this world’ (time/decaying). Aksbaje

Relative silence requires the absence of exterior sound, the other, pure transcendental silence, the absence of interior noise (compulsive thinking). In both scenarios something requires to be absent for their ‘silence’ experience.

Thus tuning into either ‘the still small voice’, or transcending the three Gita gunas, are both referring to gaining direct contact with absolute or transcendental pure silence.

In other words, what distinguishes the silence surrounding mental dialogue while sitting in the quiet room? How can we tell that we’re not listening to a quitter version of lower-ego catering’s and taking that silence to be the still small (transcendent) voice?


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