Hepatitis Cure – How to Treat Your Liver Naturally



Many doctors will tell you that there is no permanent hepatitis cure. Apart from conventional drugs which just cover up the symptoms, the medical community has very little to offer. The good news is that a new natural approach to treating this dreadful illness is showing promising results without the side effects of dangerous drugs. Julianscosmetics A natural hepatitis cure brings your internal environment back into balance by eliminating toxins from your body, boosting your immune system, quelling inflammation and repairing damaged cells.

Diet is at the forefront of treating hepatitis. You need to eat a diet rich in raw vegetables and fruits. Drink “green juices” rich in chlorophyll like those made from broccoli, parsley, cabbage and celery. The addition of some carrot or beetroot juice will sweeten the juice and boost its healing powers. Avoid alcohol, sugar, highly processed foods and excess fats, especially trans fatty acids like those found in margarine and processed foods. Avoid drugs that have not been prescribed by your doctor. Julianscosmetics Herbs like dandelion, golden seal and milk thistle, to name just a few, act to rebuild and repair the liver. There are many more powerful herbs that specifically target liver viruses. Nutrients like the B complex and the antioxidants normalize liver function and protect it from further damage. They are an essential part of a permanent hepatitis cure. You need to find an exercise routine that you enjoy. Regular exercise is one of the corner stone’s of a hepatitis cure as it stimulates blood flow to the liver, providing healing nutrients and carrying away fats and toxins. Stress management like relaxation and adequate sleep is part of a hepatitis cure. Stress is often the trigger for viral infections like hepatitis to take hold. You also need a good night’s sleep in order for your body to produce enough growth hormone – your body’s repair hormone. If you or a loved one are suffering from the nausea, fatigue, fever, liver pain, headache or muscle aches often seen in this nasty disease, then a natural hepatitis cure may be the answer you are looking for. It can give you the peace of mind and freedom to permanently eliminate liver problems from your life and re-claim the full life you deserve.


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