Hepatitis A and B – Can They Be Cured?



Fortunately both hepatitis a and b, can be cured, with various methods. Actually, a new natural cure was recently developed in Australia, and since it is completely herbal, people are using it more and more, to get rid of the hepatitis infection. Barrecertification Let’s first talk about the hepatitis a vaccine. The Hepatitis A vaccine was first used to protect children from the virus in 1996 in United States. Shortly afterward the use of Hepatitis A vaccine got more common and spread to other parts of the world as well. The vaccine mainly consists of Hepatitis A virus but in inactive form so that the vaccinated patient can remain safe from this disease. If a patient is treated with Hepatitis A and B vaccine, he remains protected against suffering from this type of hepatitis for the coming ten years. Hepatitis A can be prevented if those who are most susceptible from suffering this disease get vaccinated in time. Doctors recommend that children aging over one year, every person traveling to a country where there is high risk for contracting Hepatitis A, population living in a location where there is a danger of an epidemic outbreak, medical workers treating Hepatitis A patients and patients suffering from chronic liver condition should receive vaccination to prevent Hepatitis A. Barrecertification

Hepatitis A and B can be prevented if people become more careful in their daily lives. As opposed to Hepatitis A, the hepatitis B virus is transmitted from one person to another through body fluids. For prevention it has to be made sure that you avoid unprotected intercourse as this has been a big cause of transmission of HBV virus. Similarly sharing needles, shaving razors, syringes and any such tools that can have blood infections also causes spread of Hepatitis B. Before blood transfusion takes place it should made certain that the blood sample is free from any infections of Hepatitis B virus. All it takes is a little bit of watchfulness and it can easily save you from getting infected with this deadly virus.


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