Corona virus: Secret of Natural Immunity – Ancient Formula Decoded



When considering individual health and COVID immunity long-term, developing awareness of how healing and the immune system operate becomes the imperative. In this context, the following ‘must ask’ questions need posing: clearcalmspace

Natural immunity is the body’s capacity of resistance to viruses — a mechanism for defeating infection: total protection against foreign antigens entering the physical body. Immunity is the natural expression of an optimally functioning immune system.

We’re each equipped with an adaptive immune system, thus the means of becoming naturally COVID immune exists already within each of us.

White immature blood cells travel freely from the bone marrow through the blood stream and arrive in the thymus gland — in the upper chest — where they become mature cells. These mature cells – now referred to as T-cells or thymus cells – form into antiviral proteins which are released from the thymus into the body’s blood circulatory system as defenders against foreign antigen attack or viruses. Thus the immune system is the blood circulatory system consisting of antiviral proteins. The immune system is also referred to as the second brain or, the ‘floating brain’. clearcalmspace

Antiviral proteins thus are the immune system’s dedicated warriors produced solely and selectively for defeating viruses entering into the body organism. Known also as Interferons or Lymphocytes, antiviral proteins are powerful inhibitors at preventing development of virus in the cells, when the thymus works like an incubator in developing mature antibodies.

In lay-language, the different clinical names for antibodies are each referring to the same immune-providing warriors, referring to the same active process of providing immunity to the body – the antiviral proteins. At practical level, thus, it’s the benefit of the process that’s vital, not so much their fancy names and titles.


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